Partners in Development Foundation Partners in Development Foundation Logo Strength through tradition. Partners in Development Foundation inspires and equips families and communities for success and service, using timeless Native Hawaiian values and traditions. They offer a range of community programs spanning education, social services, environmental initiatives and the preservation of Hawaiian language. To reflect their diverse offerings they … Read more

Kupuna Care Connection Kupuna Care Connection Identity THE POWER OF CONNECTIONS. Kupuna Care Connection serves as a valuable resource for senior living options. Their team of healthcare professionals helps clients find the ideal senior living community that meets their needs. The logo incorporates inward converging arrowheads to shape the letter “K,” symbolizing meaningful connections on a personal … Read more

Atlas Construction Atlas Construction Identity Nailed it. Atlas Construction stands as one of Hawai‘i’s prominent general contractors, boasting over four generations of design build experience. A new brand strategy was crafted, featuring the impactful phrase: “We may not build the biggest house you can afford, but we’ll build the best house your money can buy.” To … Read more

Roger Higa Financial Services, LLC Roger Higa FInancial Services, LLC Logo Planning ahead in reaching your goals. Roger Higa Financial Services, LLC is a full-service insurance and financial services firm dedicated to helping their clients build wealth and protecting hard-earned assets. The logo was inspired by the leaves of a money tree (Guiana Chestnut) that symbolizes good luck and … Read more

Koa Capital Partners KOA Capital Partners, LLC Logo There’s no end in building something great. Koa Capital Partners’ investment philosophy is deeply rooted in their extensive experience of owning and operating businesses. In collaboration with the owners, we worked together to develop a logo that represents the essence of their business processes as they expanded their portfolio … Read more

National Transfer Accounts National Transfer Accounts Logo It’s all about the Benjamins (sort of). National Transfer Accounts is a global project dedicated to enhancing our understanding of how population growth and changing age demographics impact economic growth, gender and generational equity, public finances, and other crucial aspects of the macro-economy. To symbolize their global goals, the organization … Read more

Waikiki Health Waikiki Health Logo No Health Insurance? No Problem. The mission of Waikiki Health is to provide quality medical and social services that are accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. In the past, Waikiki Health was called Waikiki Health Center which consumers mistakingly associated with a gym. The client needed to … Read more

Geeks 2 Go Geeks 2 go It’s all geek to me. This company wanted to differentiate themselves from traditional computer service shops. They needed an identity representing their mission of providing friendly and professional IT services to both residential and business consumers. A logo was developed utilizing a head that forms into a talk bubble emphasizing that … Read more