Atlas Construction Atlas Construction Identity Nailed it. Atlas Construction stands as one of Hawai‘i’s prominent general contractors, boasting over four generations of design build experience. A new brand strategy was crafted, featuring the impactful phrase: “We may not build the biggest house you can afford, but we’ll build the best house your money can buy.” To … Read more

HCF Networks Report

Hawai‘i Community Foundation Networks Report Getting to Know One Another. Networking thrives on relationships, connectedness, and the fundamental notion that the community holds the key to solutions. This report sheds light on the significance of community wisdom and participation in the context of an island lifestyle. While highlighting the benefits of such an approach, it … Read more

HCF Fresh Water Initiative Wai Maoli Ulupono Initiative And The Hawai‘i Community Foundation Report WATER SECURITY FOR HAWAI‘I. The Wai Maoli: Fresh Water Initiative is a multi-year effort to address the increasing threats to the state’s fresh water security. They support the important issue that ensures a sustainable, plentiful and cost-effective freshwater supply for all of Hawaii’s needs. In collaboration … Read more

Kai Kahele Governor Campaign Kaiali‘i “Kai” Kahele Governor Campaign Serving the greater good. Kai Kahele, a Democratic candidate who ran for Governor in 2022, hails from Miloli‘i, Hawai‘i, where his deep community ties have shaped his values. He embraces a progressive outlook and seeks to bring positive change. The name “Kai,” meaning “ocean” in Hawaiian, serves as both … Read more

Roger Higa Financial Services, LLC Roger Higa FInancial Services, LLC Logo Planning ahead in reaching your goals. Roger Higa Financial Services, LLC is a full-service insurance and financial services firm dedicated to helping their clients build wealth and protecting hard-earned assets. The logo was inspired by the leaves of a money tree (Guiana Chestnut) that symbolizes good luck and … Read more

Pele Awards 2012 Entries Website American Advertising Federation 2012 Pele Awards Website A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Anybody. In collaboration with the local chapter of AAF (American Advertising Federation), a website was developed for their annual 2012 Pele Awards that corresponded with the concept of “the Advertising Olympics” This site was created for entries and information about the … Read more

Hawaiian Vanilla Company Hawaiian Vanilla Company Packaging It’s All Vanilla to Me…and it Sure Does Taste Good. The Hawaiian Vanilla Company is dedicated to cultivating the world’s finest vanilla. They offer a range of exceptional vanilla-related products, including vanilla coffee, beans, and more. This esteemed organization has been featured on renowned networks such as Food Network, Travel … Read more

Nisei Veterans Legacy Nisei Veterans Legacy Website Learn from those who lead the way. The Nisei Veterans Legacy (NVL) is dedicated to preserving, perpetuating, and sharing the remarkable legacy of Americans of Japanese Ancestry who served in the U.S. armed forces during World War II. We collaborated with NVL to develop a dynamic website to engage the … Read more

HCF Annual Reports Hawai‘i Community Foundation Annual Reports Reporting for Duty. Enriching lives. Forging partnerships. Inspiring change. Sharing knowledge. This is the impactful mission of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation (HCF), dedicated to providing substantial financial support to eligible students and nonprofit organizations across Hawai‘i. Throughout our partnership with HCF, we have produced a range of annual reports … Read more

Koa Capital Partners KOA Capital Partners, LLC Logo There’s no end in building something great. Koa Capital Partners’ investment philosophy is deeply rooted in their extensive experience of owning and operating businesses. In collaboration with the owners, we worked together to develop a logo that represents the essence of their business processes as they expanded their portfolio … Read more